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91 Skyway Ave, Suite 206
Toronto, ON  M9W 6R5

Excelsior Chess Club

Etobicoke, Ontario

The newly opened location welcomes people of all ages, beginners or already experienced. We pride ourselves in providing chess activities that enrich the lives of children and adults.

We have a fantastic team (arbiters and trainers) and our main goal is to use chess as a vehicle to develop confidence, cognitive skills and sportsmanship in children. We put the emphasis on learning and competing and also bring focus to becoming part of a team and having fun.

Chess Board set up with Gold King in Center

Chess Tournaments

All ages and skill levels welcome. Check back often as new tournaments are added as they are confirmed.

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Chess Lessons

Tactical & Strategic Lessons available for players of all ages and skill levels.

Club News

What’s Happening at Excelsior Chess Club

March Tournaments

Mar 4 – March Juniors Championship

Mar 5 – March 50 Plus Championship

Mar 10 to 12 – March Open

Mar 13 to 16 – March IM Norm Qualifier

Mar 13 to 17 – March GM Norm

Mar 18 – March Rapid Championship

Mar 19 – March Blitz Championship

Learn to Play

All ages and skill levels welcome. Our chess lessons are held onsite, in person at our Toronto / Etobicoke location

Meet the Arbiters

We are excited to welcome a very seasoned team of arbiters here at Excelsior. Stay tuned for more!

Meet Our Trainer: Nikolay

We are happy to announce former Canadian closed, open champion Nikolay Noritsyn has joined our roster of Trainers.

Nick Oancea, Owner

Recognize Chess as a Sport in Canada

Sign the Petition

Help the CFC “Recognize Chess as a Sport in Canada”

This is an opportunity for Canada to recognize chess as a sport and offer government funding for our training, tournaments, players, coaches and more. Achieving this milestone will give chess the funding it deserves to promote chess to anyone who wants to learn, regardless of their ages.

It will be closed for signatures on April 1st, so we much collect as many signatures as we can. After you sign the petition you will receive an email from the House of Commons Petitions to confirm your support.

Anyone who believes Chess should be recognized as a sport in Canada can vote!


Celebrating Some of Our Past Champions

See more photos on our Instagram Page.

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